Groups and projects

Movement disorders and sensorimotor plasticity

Head: Bernhard Haslinger  


Neural correlates of (un)consciousness in anesthesia and coma

Head: Ruediger Ilg & Denis Jordan  


Brain structure and function in schizophrenia and obsessive-compulsive disorder

Head: Kathrin Koch  


Investigation of cortical plasticity by navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation: reorganization of human language and motor cortex

Head: Sandro Krieg  


Morphometry in Multiple Sclerosis

Head: Mark Mühlau  


Gene-MRI: Genetic determinants of the course of Multiple Sclerosis as characterized by MRI (KKNMS; Statistical Genetics, MPI of Psychiatry Munich; Morphometry-in-MS group)

Prognostic value of white-matter lesion shrinking (Viola Pongratz)

MRI characteristics of cognitive impairment (Christina Engl)

Minimal informative white-matter lesion size (Sophia Grahl)

Longitudinal segmentation of white-matter lesions (Paul Schmidt)

Prognostic value of combining evoked potentials and MRI (Alexander Wuschek)

Distant effects of white matter lesions (Matthias Bussas)



Head: Markus Ploner  


MR physics

Head: Christine Preibisch  


Multiscale Imaging of Brain Networks

Head: Valentin Riedl  


How much energy does neuronal communication in brain networks consume?
We address this question with

What is the direction of neuronal communication in brain networks?

Do inhibitory/excitatory neurotransmitter levels impact on neuronal communication in brain networks?
We address this question with


Neuropsychiatry and Neuroimaging Lab

Head: Christian Sorg  


Neuropsychiatry/Neuroimaging in the Elderly: Neurodegeneration and Aging

Neuropsychiatry/Neuroimaging in Adults: Impaired Behavioral Control in Schizophrenia and Depression

Neuropsychiatry/Neuroimaging of Being At-Risk for Behavioral Impairments: Preterm Birth and Infant Regulatory Problems


Analysis of functional connectivity dynamics from fMRI

Head: Afra Wohlschläger  


Multimodal imaging of healthy and pathological cognition

Head: Igor Yakushev  

Neuroradiopharmacy: Tracer Development and multimodal molecular imaging for diagnosis of neurodegenerative disorders (NDD)

Head: Behrooz H. Yousefi